sweet words from a recent client

I wanted to share a delightful testimonial that I received from Jeanne and Drew, whose wedding I just featured below.
"Our family and friends will not shut up about how much they loved Sarah.  She left our wedding with about 50 people wanting to be her new best friend.  From our first meeting with Sarah on her green velvet couch, we knew she was the photographer who shared our vision for classic photos with a fun and modern twist.  We could not be happier!  We gave her a list of "must-have" photos, and let her experiment with the rest.  Thank goodness we did. She has a better eye than anyone, and it was the unplanned photos that we now love the most!

Probably Sarah's best qualities, aside from taking fabulous photos, are her incessant smile and calm presence.  So calm, in fact, that I rarely knew when photos were being taken. If you're like me and have a fake, camera ready smile, then Sarah is your gal!  Finally, I have photos where I look natural... forced smile begone!"

- Jeanne & Drew


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