Blithewold bliss

When you plan a wedding in August, the last thing you expect is cool, dry weather -- but that's just what Meghan and John got on Saturday...a perfect wedding day! Blithewold Mansion in Bristol, RI is a stunning spot, set amid acres of botanical gardens right on the ocean. The fabulous Chad Michael Peters decked out the tent with lush floral arrangements in shades of pink, with glowing pink and white paper lanterns floating high above.

Reception venue: Blithewold Mansion
Catering: Russell Morin Catering
Flowers: Chad Michael Peters

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girly stuff: tips for the bride

Hair and makeup will often take longer than you think (especially if your mom/bridesmaids are also using his/her services). This can throw off your schedule if you don't plan for it...I'd suggest adding some buffer time just in case. This year, it's been the #1 schedule delayer!

When you schedule hair & makeup too tightly, it can seriously cut into portrait time and make you feel rushed when you're getting dressed. If you plan for "too much" time, the worst that can happen is that things will go quicker than planned and you'll have some extra time to relax before the ceremony.

Another note on makeup: there's no need to add extra-heavy makeup 'for the camera'...you should feel like you, just more glamorous. And please try to stay away from body glitter or bronzers...anything with a gleam or glitter or 'glow' may show up as shine/sweat in photos, especially with flash. A subtle shimmer is okay if you really want it, but keep it very low-key.

A very small thing, but if you want a nice pic of your dress on the hanger, buy a covered satin hanger...there's nothing wrong with clear plastic, but satin looks a little bit dressier...

And a word about shoes: stilettoes are hip and gorgeous. I love them. But they're really tough to wear on a lawn. If you're having your wedding outside or want to walk on the grass for a bit during your portraits, consider heels with a slightly wider base, or bring a second pair to change into.



fab double-header, part one

This weekend I had two weddings at two of my very favorite venues -- The Veronique in Brookline and the Crane Estate in Ipswich.

On Saturday, we beat the raindrops to get some great photos at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline. The reception at The Veronique was dazzingly decorated by Winston Flowers and orchestrated by Longwood Event's amazing staff -- I'm always impressed by their impeccable service. Laura & John danced the night away with their guests and we all had a blast!

Reception/catering: The Veronique
Flowers: Winston Flowers

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fab double-header, part two

Then it was on to Jennifer and Adam's wedding at the Crane Estate on Sunday -- a cloudy day gave way to sunshine just as they were saying their vows on the Grand Allée. I loved the wedding newsletter that Adam & Jen composed for their guests! They even had their favorite beans imported from their local coffee shop so that everyone could share their favorite brew. The reception was deftly orchestrated by the Crane Estate's wonderful MaryEllen, and the peerless DJ Raffi kept the party going.

Such a great weekend...!

Reception: Crane Estate
Music: DJ Raffi

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a wedding at a sculpture museum

Lovely weather graced Kelley & Geoff's wedding at the DeCordova museum on the 12th -- a beautiful setting, and some gorgeous light. I was even able to get that old clichéed image of the bride & groom with a gigantic fiberglass baby...classic!

Reception: DeCordova Museum
Caterer: Tiger Lily Caterers
Hair & Makeup: Salon Marc Harris
Flowers: Nature's Design

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general wedding day tips

Here's a grab bag of ideas & tips to make the most of your wedding day:

1) Once you put on the dress/tux, RELAX! The planning is over and this is the signal for you to start experiencing the day instead of organizing it.

2) First thing in the morning, hand your cell phone to your trusted right-hand-man/woman (same reason as above).

3) Be together! Take five minutes from the party to steal away and have a romantic moment, just the two of you. See if you can find a spot where you can see the party and all the people there celebrating the two of you. Be proud of the party you've worked so hard to throw. And then go back and join it!

4) Unless it's really not your thing, do take time away from visiting with guests to get onto the dance floor...(grooms, this means you too!) Guests love to see you both having a great time, and they'll join you on the floor.

5) I was reminded of this one this weekend: no red wine! (That goes for both of you). Just witnessed a mishap yesterday...someone jostled the groom's hand and the merlot went flying (right onto his new wife's dress, of course). Nothing a little club soda couldn't fix, but it's a lot easier to spot-clean white wine stains...

I'll be adding more to this post as I think of things, so check back!



sand and seashells

Here are a few images from Jillian & Brian's beautiful, beachy wedding at the Wequasset Inn in Chatham. They used beautiful seashell details throughout the wedding; there were shells peeking out of Jillian's bouquet, on the programs, and tied to the placecards. The shell theme even extended to the menu, with a lavish ice-cold raw bar during the cocktail hour!

Reception venue/catering: Wequassett Inn
Hair & Makeup: Lisa George

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